Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday School continues to grow

This Sunday past we had a new record of 17 young people coming to our Sunday school from Tembisa. We had to take two cars out to Tembisa to fetch them all. Four of these children live in a different area that the Ubuhle Orphanage but got to know of us through Bro. Tebogo’s children. Two of them went with us to Graskop a few weekends ago and now love to come to Sunday school. Last week they took the train themselves (4 girls of 10 years only) to get to our meeting. It is amazing how rewarding community outreach work turns out to be. Years ago we would drop leaflets in the post boxes of the neighbourhood around us and never got any response. Now we have an average of 26 children at our Sunday school and it continues to grow – all because we were prepared to go out to the people and help them in whatever small way we could. One of Bro. David White’s favourite quotes is so true i.e. “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care”


Although we have to fetch these children and drive them to Sunday School it creates immense potential once we, by God’s grace, start an ecclesia in Tembisa. There will already be half of an ecclesia (the Sunday School) right there J



We thank and praise God as He continues to bless us and gives us the opportunities to reach out to others.

Love from all the brothers and sisters in the Kempton Park ecclesia.


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