Friday, August 1, 2008

Loving monsters and Amazing Shared Trust

Below are some more beautiful lessons learned and stories from P2P July 2008....

A lesson that I had always known in the back of my mind, but never really appreciated was that of “the more you have, the more you take for granted and the less you appreciate”. 

We spent a week with children who had grown up with nothing in comparison to ourselves, very few material possessions, food, education and in many cases, no parents or family. 

Yet, these children were smiling and friendly and loving and they appreciated the life that they had; many were being cared for in an orphanage and even at a young age, had grasped the lesson of appreciation that I had missed. 

Katherine Noakes, UK 

If I had to name the one thing that has inspired me most about the last two weeks, it would be the amazing bond we all made as a group. In a world where people are naturally wary of other people’s motives, it was a joy to be confident in trusting my team. This came out in many different guises, from just knowing that people would pull their weight and play their part in team activities, to being comfortable sharing our thoughts on God’s word together and praying so openly when we finally got time all together late at night. I’ve had conversations with people I’ve only known for two weeks about things some of our best friends don’t even know about. Put simply, the trust which has grown up out of shared faith and a shared mission to teach God’s kingdom is both phenomenal and invaluable. 

Tom Ryder, UK 

In Mariannhill, I took the 6 and under boys to play soccer each day. I called them my “monsters”. After about the second day, it was hard to go anywhere without a couple of monsters attached – holding my hand or sitting in my lap. It touched me in a profound way.  

Kyle Tucker, US 

In a lunchtime talk at the Durban Bible Education Centre entitled “Christian Living”, the discussion afterward turned to doctrinal issues, not because the Christadelphian views were forced on the people who attended, but because throughout straightforward and logical study of the Bible, these issues presented themselves. 

To slowly watch the realisation on peoples’ faces as they looked at what the passages of the Bible really said, and reach the same conclusions was amazing to see and helped me as much as it helped them. This wonder soon turned to excitement and enthusiasm for continuing to study the truth in the scriptures. 

Also, a great learning experience for myself was the BEC concert in the middle of the city, singing and playing music in praise in front of so many people. I thought I would be terrified but I loved it! 

Naomi Reed, UK

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