Monday, August 4, 2008

"Will you be my mother?"

At Mariannhill, we were working with an incredible amount of children, so many that, though I recognized many, I still did not know all of them! The second morning we were there, one of the little girls who I didn’t recognize came up to me, pulled at my hand and asked sincerely, “Will you be my mother?” The question threw me off balance and filled me with compassion and sorrow that this anonymous child so desperately desired love and kindness that after one day of crafts and games, she was willing to entrust herself completely into my care.

Ana Tucker, US

With the “Gauteng team”, I went up to Graskop, Mpumulanga. We went with some orphans from Thembisa, Johannesburg. These orphans had never been outside of the townships in their whole lives, so they were amazed to see what the rest of South Africa looked like. The children were wide-eyed as we went up into the mountains, through mist and saw amazing waterfalls. It was fantastic to see their smiles and happiness. There was one particular orphan, Jazzy, who really stuck in my mind. He told us the story of his childhood and how the Christadelphians had changed his life. He was so appreciative of hearing Bible talks and learning more about God. It was fantastic to hear how God-fearing he was and his desire to learn. To see the joy on the kids’ faces gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I thank God greatly for the opportunity to see people so happy about His Word, and for all the love that was shown on that weekend and throughout our time in Gauteng.

James Hughes, UK

I have always thought it is not possible to quantify the work of the Spirit by numbers; I think the strength of a person’s faith is a much better marker. Working in the BEC this week, I was inspired by one person in particular who came to the seminars - a guy called Charles. He spoke to me about such beautiful faith, he answered questions with such powerful conviction, he desired so much to see the things in the Bible….it really moved me to hear his words and witness beautiful faith. “Listen my beloved brethren, has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith”.

James Dean, UK

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