Saturday, August 16, 2008

A very fruitful week at the Kempton Park BEC

A very fruitful week at the KMPBEC was rounded off by a busy Saturday morning earlier today. We have four new ladies attending the lunch time Bible Class. Today bro. Brogan was on staff duty privilege and he enrolled 5 students for the God’s Master Plan course. Quite a few students visited returning their course questionnaires and we had some discussion with some of them. Andrew Chavalala arrived as he had said he would and we could discuss further matters pertaining to his preparation for baptism. He is getting closer and closer to making that final commitment and asking to be interviewed. He was the first to receive a handy book that we have compiled with a lot of aspects relating to preparing for baptism. Frans, another regular student, who is also contemplating baptism attended the Bible classes this week and informed us that he would be bringing a friend to the ecclesia tomorrow. Most Sundays at our ecclesia are very rewarding now as there are always visitors there because of their association with the Bible Education Centre.


God continues to use us to get people connected with his saving invitation as found in the Gospel message of the Kingdom – we thank him for this privilege.

Loving greetings from all the brothers and sisters from Kempton Park.     

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