Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clean up morning at Clermont

Last week we had a ‘clean-up’ morning at Clermont – the grounds outside of the building in which we meet always tends to be covered with litter and broken glass – despite Team Duma installing an enormous (and very brightly coloured) bin by the building. The weather was awful – it was rainy and cold – but we cracked on with it and before long, things were already looking better. 

As always, there were a few of the younger children hanging around and playing games together (one of which involved walking round in circles in 3’s with their arms linked round each others shoulders, the objective of which is still not clear to me). Soon, the children abandoned their games and started copying us and picking up litter as well! It made me realise that we as volunteers/Sunday school teachers/friends, or in whatever form we are seen by the people we come into contact with, are important role models – especially to the children. It is our responsibility not only to show God’s love through our behaviour and actions but also to teach and encourage. These are always things that we know we should be doing anyway, but it’s always more powerful to experience that realisation first hand! 

Esther Abson 

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