Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Good News of the Kingdom of God to Clermont

 We are bringing the Good News of the Kingdom of God to a township called Clermont. We were directed there by God and are continually being made aware of his presence and interest in the area. One of the ways we are trying to preach the Kingdom of God is by simply sharing coffee with the community. This has ordinarily taken the format of opening up the room we rent and going to find people who want a drink to then bringing them to our room for them to share time together in the hope that they will realize we are interested and care for them. This week we realized that this whole process could be made far more simple and effective by taking a table and some chairs down to the road and offer drinks and biscuits to whoever passed by. This is evidence of the fact that sometimes you have to think outside the box.. or hall in this case
- Phil Ashcroft

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