Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A trip to the movies

I thought I’d write a short blog to update everyone about the after school club that we’ve been running every Wednesday at Clermont for several months now. It’s been a hit with the kids right from the start and we regularly have 20+ attendees. We also get a lot of the same kids that come to Sunday school. They really look forward to it and we see the same faces week after week. We’ve run various activities from craft activities (e.g. bead lizards) and cake baking to juggling and party games. Wherever we can we try and work in some kind of Biblical slant to the activity although we try not to overdo it as it’s meant to be a break from school.

Last week we decided to have a movie day. We managed to procure a white sheet, projector and a set of speakers so we could project the movie on the wall just like a real cinema. We even handed out popcorn to all the kids! It was a perfect day for a movie as it was rather damp outside and by the end of the movie around 50 kids had trickled in (word spreads fast when something exciting is happening in the township!). If they all come back next week then we’re going to be very busy!
- Adam Brooker

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