Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clermont Wall-Verse Painting

God taught me a very basic lesson this past week when Dani and myself set out to paint verses on any walls we could find in the Clermont area. We set out on foot and began asking every person that had a fairly big wall if we could paint a verse on it. The main problem was that the people who were at the houses at that time were not the owners but the renters and of course they all said it would be fine, but we weren’t too sure of this. So instead of lugging our paint & brushes around on foot, we got in the car and drove around Clermont. After 40 something houses and 1 hour had gone by, we went back to the main Clermont church building and low and behold the very house next to it was just too delighted for us to paint a verse on their house! It just goes to show that sometimes the people in need are right next to us and we pass them by because we’re so busy looking out ‘there’.

- Christie Beyers

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