Monday, November 22, 2010

God moments

Monday: I had a list of things to do...the kind of list that could go very wrong and take a long time to get everything sorted. But God WAS with us and it was so evident.

The day started with going to the visa office to see what the requirements were to extend our visa. The car park was the tiniest ever, and the place itself was really busy, and it was the centre of town, but there was ONE car park spot left and we got it. There was no where else to park within a mile radius because it was on a main road so we were bless with that one. Then I expected to stand in line for a couple of hours waiting to see someone to ask what the requirements were. As soon as I walked in there was a lady standing there just waiting to speak to me. She handed me a piece of paper with the requirements on and a form. Basically I just need to fill in the form and hand them a bit of money. Again, I was expecting to have to provide medical reports, police reports etc so I was in and out within 10 minutes!

Ten we had to find a Pharmacy in town because I had to buy a wheelchair - which is a story in itself. To cut it short, I felt moved by the Spirit to go and speak to a man whilst there was a group of us singing in a hospital ward. I always find it a bit hard to speak to the men in the hospital - its not one of my greatest talents as I don't really know what to say. But God lead me there because this man needed something that he couldn't provide for himself. He was discharged from hospital but couldn't go home because he needed a wheelchair. It just so happened that we had some surplus money from fundraising, money that we could buy this wheelchair with. So we were driving through the busy streets of Durban and we found the Pharmacy without getting lost. AND there was one car parking spot right outside the doorway of the shop! in the middle of Durban! This is rare. I was expecting to have to order a wheelchair, but again, God was with us. We just bought one there and then, as easy as buying a tin of beans. And it was affordable! The guy brought the wheelchair in the box down for me and asked where the car was parked. HA! Right outside the door...

I was just so amazed at how smooth everything went that morning. It felt that we were doing the right things that God wanted us to do and so He was with us and made everything run smoothly.


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