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Lamontville Holiday Club July 2010 from the Beeler family

Lamontville Holiday Club July 2010

The kids and I were privileged to spend time during the World Cup school holidays at the Lamontville Good News Centre.  Africaid was hosting the local kids to come each day and have a meal, do some activities and play some football (not the American kind!)  The team of volunteers put together a great program using soccer as the core guide to teach biblical principles.  Concepts like sizing up your opponent (battling sin), relying on your team (fellowship), training (perseverence), having goals (the kingdom!), etc.  A sponsor had even provided satellite tv for the community so that they could watch the World Cup games on tv.  
Each day the kids would have their face painted and join a team.  The team would stay together throughout the day's activities.   These kids were great!
We learned many new songs and zulu hymns  
 and lots of World Cup facts during trivia games..
and some smooth soccer moves...
Each day we would walk down to the fields through the local neighborhood.  Even though I had been at the Lamontville Good News Centre many times, I had never been around to the local homes.  It was quite an experience.  As we walked down the hill we would pass the gogos (grannies) doing the washing.  In the photo above on the left is the communal shower behind the white door.  The trail past the wood, cardboard and tin roofed homes was littered with an array of food wrappers, bottle caps, plastic bags and the like.  Electricity lines were illegally split off and dangerously attached to houses.  I almost ran into one with my head.  As I curiously peered into the open doorways we passed by, I was amazed at how tidy and spotless the rooms were.  I wish I would have asked to take a photo.   
These boys had made up their own game with bottle caps.

Here is the view from the bottom of the hill.
At the fields ready to play soccer!
This little one was worn out after the walk!
Spending these days in the township taught me a lot.  It taught me that I can't go on Sunday for 2 hours and expect to understand this community.  To truly know a people, we must experience their lives, their struggles and their needs.  These kids are braver and more knowledgeable about life than I'll ever be!  I learned to put aside some of my fears and trust in God's protection as we walked through their neighborhood.  Thank you Lord for this experience!

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