Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another week has gone already and it’s been a busy one…!

Hello everyone...

We said a teary ‘goodbye’ (well…not exactly…but it was quite sad) to Richard as he set off home.

Mat and Cam went up to Happy’s school on Wednesday to help fix wheelchairs. We’ve been working with a fantastic guy called Tula who has offered to give the kids workshops on wheelchair maintenance. Apparently it’s amazing how many problems can be fixed by a few blows from a hammer!

Laura I has been busy sorting out Guitar stuff. The plan is to run group Guitar classes in the Lamontville and Mariannhill areas – with the aim of giving less privileged children the opportunity to learn an instrument when they would otherwise not have the chance to. Through this we hope to teach spiritual songs and lessons through music (similar to the concept behind the Kingdom Youth FC.)

There have been a few people coming into the BEC this week as a result of the concert which is fantastic news! The next concert is planned for the 21st December with a Christmas theme…hopefully the festive spirit will encourage people to join in and be more receptive to the idea of coming to learn about God’s word.

Julie and Laura S have been involved in working at the crèches. Laura has enjoyed singing songs with the Lamontville kids in preparation for their concert next Tuesday…Julie has enjoyed sleep time!

Jude has spent three days this week checking Afrikhono cards and working with the business partners. The cards are looking good and with the re-vamp of the website that Simon has just completed we hope to get some more orders coming in.

Please see: www.afrikhono.com and buy some cards!

Finally a Chocolate factory trip this morning with the Westville kids has left us feeling very sick!

Westville Blazers.

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