Saturday, December 5, 2009

We are moving because we are always on the move!

We have relocated the KMPBEC to a different shopping centre and it will be run as a kiosk. More about that in a following blog post. The first phase however was to vacate the KMPBEC and leave it in a condition that met the requirements of the owners. It was tough work but with enough volunteers and God giving us strength we got the job done. It has been a fantastic three years that the KMPBEC was in operation and we had many wonderful and edifying experiences as well as ample opportunities for preaching. We have made lots of friends and developed relationships - some of which might develop into baptisms in the future.
The reason for relocating was two-fold:
1) Foot traffic decreased significantly after the department of home affairs moved out of the shopping centre and after two of the main entrances feeding people past out shop were closed.
2) The rent was becoming prohibitive.
God has been awesome in the way we found a great alternative venue and method of reaching the same and perhaps even better goals. More about this later. The photos should give you an idea of the fun we had with the "slog" to get the KMPBEC evacuated.
For the love of his name
KMPBEC 2010 Team.

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