Friday, December 11, 2009

"Business" as UNusual

We have relocated the KMPBEC to a different shopping centre closer to the Tembisa Township. The BEC is now a kiosk in the middle of the shopping center. We will still be doing the same kind of preaching and teaching through Bible classes and the bible correspondence course. The format is just different and hopefully just as effective or even more fruitful. We are still finding our feet regarding a few operational aspects but judging by the first week we are quite exited about the latent potential. On the first day when we starting setting up two people wanted to know about what we sell and enrolled for the Bible course even before we had anything placed in the kiosk.  
At present the kiosk is very basic but we will be modifying and upgrading it to give ourselves more "exhibition space", better security, easier operation, eye catching signage, a table and chairs next to it to make it inviting for people to have a friendly Bible chat with us if they want to. We were also encouraged by quite a few people walking by remarking that it was great to have such a stall in the shopping centre as there is no Bible shop in the near vicinity.
Kempton Park 2010 Team

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