Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kinos Group - Moved and Motivated

During the last month some special things have happened with regards to our preaching and outreach work in Tembisa. A group of about 20 children attend our Sunday school on Sunday mornings. We fetch them from Tembisa, transport them to the ecclesia and then take them back to Tembisa again after the memorial meeting every Sunday. Eighteen of these children have been coming to the Sunday School very faithfully throughout the year. They attended the holiday club and also went on the youth weekend we had in Benoni. It has been a privilege to see them grow and become like a small family in a way. Most of these children have only one parent or live in very poor circumstances. Although they do not live in an orphanage they still could do with some help. A natural progression from this is that we started a formal "KINOS" (Kids In Need Of Support) group. There are certain criteria for belonging to this group, two of which are that you have to be needy in some way and that you have to be a regular attended of the Sunday School. The word "kinos" in Greek is related to moving and thus also to being motivated. It has indeed been a motivation to see the blessing God has showered on these children lately and on us for being part of their lives.
The KINOS group made up the larger part of the Sunday School review group that was superb in singing and acting out various songs according to a specific theme in the Bible. A month ago we were approached by the commissioner of a Police station near Tembisa and asked if we could identify children in need for whom they could give a party and some gifts. We suggested the KINOS kids and the children got the opportunity to write a wish list. Most of the list had items like stationary, clothes, watches. Two of the children listed a bicycle (which we though a little ambitious.) We were very surprised and delighted when, two weeks later, the commissioner informed us that they decided to buy each of the 18 kids a bicycle. On December 4th we fetched the children and transported them to the Police station for their party. They were not told what gift they were going to get. They were treated to a lovely meal and then a clown gave them a good time of laughs and made them each a special "toy" with balloons. Lastly they were given their bicycles and it is hard to describe their amazement, happiness and spontaneous joy. To see 18 kids riding brand new bicycles, each one totally ecstatic is hard to describe but an awesome goose bump experience. 
Before and during the party the groups sang a lot of songs that they have learnt during the year. The police chaplain present was very impressed with the group. He asked us if we were interested in helping with Bible classes etc at the police station next year. We thus might have another opportunity for preaching next year! It was wonderful to see the kids still riding their bikes in the township when we visited them again two days later - their lives have been changed and their holiday has a whole new dimension. The thank you cards they wrote were very touching and made us realize how wonderful God has been in blessing them and us this year - All glory to Him and Jesus for the love they bestow on all of us. It is truly a wonderful life when you can serve others because of what Jesus has made and still makes possible by his example and life.   
From a very grateful 2010 team in Kempton Park.  

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