Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bunny Park Trip with KINOS Kids

Bunny Park Trip with KINOS Kids


We took 20 of the KINOS kids from our ecclesia out for a fun day at the bunny park and brunch at the Mugg & Bean restaurant. The Christadelphian Ecclesia in Kempton Park, South Africa has a special club called KINOS (Kids In Need Of Support) where not only are the children living in extremely-poor households, but also only have one parent, or no parents and living with a grandparent or in an orphanage.


The local Mugg & Bean restaurant donated brunch for all the children plus T-shirts and candy for each one of them. We then drove them out to the bunny park in Benoni where they enjoyed playing and feeding the roaming bunnies, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese that live there on several acres in the park. The children all had a great time and it was a beautiful sunny day here in South Africa. For most of them, an outing like this is the only time they leave their townships, so it’s a great pleasure to share in their fun and give them a new experience. They sang church hymns in the car ride all the way there and back.


Most of these children have been faithfully attending the Kempton Park Ecclesia for two years and activities like this keep them involved with the ecclesia and where they are being raised with Christadelphian beliefs and moral values.


Your brother in Christ’s service,

Jonathan Sabo – Kempton Park Ecclesia, South Africa

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