Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 on the go in Durban


February music Concert at Happies School
(Mason Lincoln School for the Disabled)

 It was such an awesome experience to be apart an evening of amazing singing, and to see the children’s faces light up when they were sung to and when they got juice and popcorn.  Music is very much part of the lives of people in Africa and it was wonderful to give and share in the spirit of Christ.

 Silent Retreat

At Coolock House on the KZN South Coast, much needed prayer, meditation and quite time was had by all, except for the occasional gatherings for sharing during the weekend. Lots of fun had by us all and it was a great bonding experience.

Book Donation from Westville Senior Primary School

WSPS donated all their old curriculum textbooks which added up to more that 2000 books which we fitted into one car (Driving was fun!!) then off loaded at the hall. We distributed them to underprivileged schools.


 The Lignum Project

Brother Roy Marshall came from the UK with tools to teach a woodworking course to unemployed adults in an attempt to provide those people who came on the course with a skill for income generation.


Daughters of the King – first Westville sister’s day

Organised by Sister Jude Norcross, we planned and hosted the first Westville Sister’s Day, which was a great success.  We had more than 30 sisters who spent a day fellowshipping and learning about God and Jesus, while enjoying beautifully set tables and sharing meals together.  The intercultural mix was fantastic to see.


Although we did not know it at the time, the beginning of the Claremont Outreach Centre started as a clean up project to help a newly baptised Sister.  While we were painting, scraping, washing and singing praises to Our Heavenly Father, the community started showing interest in what we were doing.  Soon a Sunday school started and now we are running Adult English classes and after school clubs for the children, not to mention another GoGo’s coffee morning!!!!  How great is Our GOD!!!!!

Homeless Outreach

Christy and I took the Old Mazda bakkie out one day to get homeless people to bring back to the hall and let them have a shower and some food.  We had asked for donations of clothes the week before and were able to help about 7 people to get a little cleaned up.  Christy had spoken to a lady who offered day to day work washing cars and paid cash at the end of the day.  So after they had showered gotten into some clean clothes and eaten something Christy took them to go and see the Car wash lady about work.

The Hard Body’s first community Outreach Job was to go and get a pool table that had been donated to us, this table ended up at Happy’s where I believe the children are really enjoying the use of it.

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