Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vincent and Jabu

 Vincent and Jabu are a couple we met through the bible education centre in durban in march. Last week they were baptised! They also set up a soup kitchen in the remote and rural place of ndwedwe 5 years ago because they saw that there were many orphans who had grannys looking after them with no money and often go without food. The church here in westville and durban help with donations of food and we take them up here once a month. Last week we were greeted with a bunch of kids singing for us which then led onto some zulu dancing. The future plans is for the community to build some houses in which they can cook in, feed the children in and store the food. The aim is also to be fully sustainable with regards to food, grown their own mille, bild an oven to bake their own bread, vegetable patch etc... 
Jabu and Vincent are keen to spread the gospel of the good news here, having now supplied them with bibles they are able to read together and hold discussions. Jabu has got a gospel choir kick started and Vincent a soccer team. They are so keen to interact and work with the community here!
Here are a few photos what we experienced..

The lasy who we buy avos off on our trip up to undwedwe...we also drop off some food supplies for her

her home

getting into the dancing

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