Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More funds = more work !! ..... cool CUDDLES!

Due to some funds that came our way via some generous donators we have done upgrade, maintenance and education work at three more crèches.
Here are some photos (before and after photos as well as "what went on in between" photos) and news of what "went down" (mostly things went UP though) at Mavis' crèche.
Mavis crèche was in need of a little face lift when we inspected it at first. After three days of hard work her place was somewhat transformed and she was totally amazed as to what happened during that time and with the end result. We painted two doors, installed a ceiling, wall desks, shelves, picture railings, hooks for bags, painted a huge mural and some other smaller ones , washed the walls, tidied up some areas and installed another 4x4 pottie.
It was rewarding that both overseas and local volunteers were involved in this upgrade and everyone found it very rewarding.
A HUGE thanks to each and all who helped and those who donated funds. It is only through the combined willingness and work of us all together as his servants that God works miracles. 
We were very thankful that Mavis kept thanking God and kept referring to us as angels sent by Him. It is wonderful to just be channels of God's love for the wonderful people in Tembisa.
With abiding love in Jesus
The 2010 KMP team 

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