Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last week i had the BEST EXPERIENCES EVER in candu! It was so uplifting and awesome to get to know the sisters there. Candu is in a very rural area of xhosa land. Their water supply is rain water and the nearest town is 20 minutes drive in a car of which they have none. There is a christadelphian church here which meal a day sponsors. I have started a new project...
I am making a photography book "Egg boxes are for insulation" In it will give insight into how some of the poorest brothers and sister live in South Africa. Dorothy, the only sister who can speak english assissted me as i visited all the sisters in the village and translated for me. The xhosa culture is beautiful! Their houses are simple yet beautiful and cheerfully painted. We all connected through laughter at the things i was learning and experiencing. I was taught so much, a fantastic 2 days, i cant say any more, all my experiences will be written down in the book which you all should buy when iv finished it....its going to be a good one!

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