Monday, September 6, 2010

God moments

Another God Moment (actually two)
First,  The table at the BEC is referred to as the "Magic Table" now.  Virtually every time we sit out front of the BEC doing Bible readings, we end up with many people coming into the BEC to sign up to take the course.  Last Wednesday, I sat out front of the BEC with Katie and Allysa and read our Bibles.  In well under an hour, about 15 people found their way into the BEC and signed up.  Up to that point, we only had 5 people that signed up for Bible courses all day.  I am continually astounded by how effective this can be.  One other thing we notice is that we have learned to pray for God's involvement prior to going outside to read, and we all agree that this has a measurable effect every time.   To God Be The Glory!

On Wednesday, after the 20 people signed up for the Bible Course, I walked back home.  On my way back home I ran into three young men who are at a college a little way up the road.  When I greeted them in Zulu, and then could speak a little Zulu, the young men (izinsizwa) became interested in who I am and where I'm from.  After proper introductions, they shared with me that they are all very much Christian, however, their environment isn't the best for developing "Christian" ways, and they asked me if I could start up a Bible class with them.  After a little discussion, we all agreed that starting a Bible class in their doorm would be awesome!  We'll see how this works out, but I am tentatively planning to have the first formal dorm-room class this Wednesday - pursuant to God's will!  
The potential is always measured by stepping out in Faith, knowing God will provide - but I look at this class and see endless possibilities...I guess we should always see things this way, huh?

Much Love,

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