Saturday, September 18, 2010

P2P - Sept 2010 - Gauteng - Thu 16th

Thursday morning brought a new dimension to our activities. After the usual 120 minute meditation it was time for the ladies to get ready for the crèche course. There was lots of fun during the crèche course as the ladies were taught how to incorporate music and movement in the education of the pre-schoolers. While the crèche course was in progress some of the team members started maintenance work at Yolande's home of safety. The lunch time Bible class was led by Bro. Richard who fielded some very interesting questions.
The "How to prepare for a job interview" course followed and was presented by bro Andrew and Adrian. Those who attended found it fun and most helpful. Richard, Roly and Hendri were helping at the KIOSK BEC in the meanwhile. Sisters Leona Julie, Sue and Donna-May went to a squatter camp area in Tembisa to distribute food parcels. At about 5pm the team moved out of Tembisa and drove to Bro. Brogan and sister Trudy Clark for supper and then a HIP (Highly Interactive and Participatory) Bible Class.
We all again felt that is was a jam packed day in which we, by God's grace, managed to achieve all we had set out to do.
With lots of love in Jesus
KMP P2P team

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