Saturday, September 18, 2010

P2P experiences in Kempton Park

During the last 6 days, travelling in a car to the various activities, the four of us (Eggintons and Russells) have been chatting about our days and each day we have come across a phrase which encapsulates our feelings
It started on Sunday when Bro. Travis said we should expect the unexpected. Monday our phrase was sparkled by Llewellyn’s T-shirt which read @define girlfriend” our experiences have been
“Define overwhelming” – when we saw the size of Tembisa
“Define impossible” – when we saw the brick-laying project Rebecca had in mind at her crèche.

Tuesday’s phrase was found in Romans 1:12 It was the answer to the question “what are we doing here?” The verse says : “ we are here to encourage each other in our faith.”
Wednesday taught us the phrase “no short cuts!” When we tried to take a short cut we ended up going in circles in Tembisa and Yoni remembers it now as the long cut. Thursday’s phrase came when we experienced our thanks to a gentleman in Tembisa and his response was “I am only trying to do my best” That is what our heavenly Father expects form us – to do our best.

God is a master at healing our broken lives. There is a saying that says “When we work, we work but when we pray … God works” On all of our days we have seen God at work and we look forward to experiencing His spirit at work in new surprising ways each day and throughout the remainder of the P2P campaign here in Kempton Park

Sister Sue Russell. 

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