Friday, September 10, 2010

Amazing grace brings amazing transformation

God continues to shower His blessings on the people in Tembisa via the CUDDLE project that we are privileged to be part of.
The latest crèche we upgraded wad Mpho's crèche (Bokomoso Day Care.) The crèche is minute to say the least and the ten children that go there everyday used to spend their time there between unpainted plastered walls with no equipment. It was just a tiny "rough room" and did not even bear a hint of resemblance to a crèche.
It took two days of fun work to transform the little place into something much more pleasing to the eye and that the children were very pleased with. Mpho was over the moon with the end result. It just takes a little money, a few willing people and a desire to make a difference and then God does the rest ........ with little miracles along the way. We praise him for that and we praise Jesus - the King whose manifesto has SO much to do with caring for the fatherless, widows, poor and strangers. It it easy to see why the world will be turned upside down when Jesus returns and reigns as King - even so ... COME Lord Jesus!
With abiding love
KMP 2010 team

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