Wednesday, September 8, 2010



As we all know, God and the Angels created this beautiful world we now live in and they also created the different animals which we go and hunt down to take photos of .... How weird when you think of it... spending about 15 hours in a car to look at these animals... this must mean something.. you don't just sit in a car that long for nothing... Well myself and a few volunteers from the UK got to spend 15 hours in a car the other day after some days of hard work. We went to the Pilansberg game reserve where we saw so many amazing animals. All of them different and unique in their own way.
God Blessed us as we saw Zebra, Buck, Lions, Cheetahs, Wild dogs, Vultures, King Fisher, Buffalo, Rhino's,  Elephants with little calfs up close, Giraffes were walking in the road ahead of us, at bird hides you could hear birds chirping away all busy and enjoying their day. We had 3 Hippo's swimming across a dam for us and they gave us a massive yawn (very rarely see that). A bit later in the day we got to see some giraffe sucking on a block of salt and then sticking his tongue out for us. The animals were all out and ready to show off for us, how beautiful!! The spotting of the day were the Leopards (one of the Big five, and rarity is 10/10) we saw, and not only did he lie down somewhere but he walked across the road and went hunting for warthogs, we didn't see the kill, however it was still very exciting.
At the petting zoo in the game park you get to play with lions. What a perfect taster of the Kingdom to come. We will be able to play and walk with all the animals without fearing for our lives.
To see so many animals on one day and so close was a blessing from above. We had an exciting, joyful, perfect, fun and inspiring day. As you can see below are some photo's and the last is one of a mural we painted at a creche... with the wild animals we saw in the game drive which the children wouldn't get to see any other way.

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